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Roof Restoration

Roof Restoration

If you’re looking to dramatically improve the street appeal of your home or seeking the peace of mind that comes from having a perfectly maintained roof, you simply cannot go past All City Roof Restorations for the highest quality roof restorations around. We have spent over a decade perfecting our processes and sourcing the best materials, and we believe nobody can match the quality and value for money we offer on cement tile roof restorations.

Here's How it works

First, we undertake a thorough inspection to determine the condition of the roof structure and the tiles. Based on the condition of the roof we will outline all repair options available. If restoration is required, the process typically begins with high-pressure cleaning. Any rainwater tanks are disconnected and tarpaulins used to cover sensitive areas or structures. The tiles are thoroughly cleaned to remove any fungus and contaminants. Once completed gutters and downpipes are cleaned and all mess removed from the property.
At this point, any repair work on the ridge capping will proceed. Based on the condition of the roof. More information can be found in ridge cap repair section.
On completion of the ridge work, any necessary repairs are made to flashings and vents, and all broken and chipped roof tiles are replaced with tiles of similar age and condition.
The roof is re-washed to remove any construction debris and a visual inspection of the whole roof makes sure all moss is removed from hard to reach places. Once the roof has dried sufficiently its treated with Dulux pre-treat solution to sterilise any moss and fungal spores and prevent their regrowth under the coating.
The roof is coated with Dulux primer to ensure any powdery oxide coating remaining on the tiles is chemically bonded to the cement substrate. Two coats of Dulux 962 roof membrane are applied to the roof at the coverage rates specified by Dulux Acratex. A 10-year warranty is given by Dulux and All-City Roof Restorations covering both product and workmanship for your complete peace of mind.

Metal Roof Restoration

Whether you have an old galvanised roof that’s been battling the elements for decades or a nearly new Colorbond roof that’s developed some of the common coating problems like streaking or extreme fading, we can have it looking brand new in a flash. We have a proud history of perfection in metal recoating, and our strict adherence to temperature and atmospheric guidelines ensures your metal roof looks flawless, with no patching, over-spray or join lines.

Here’s Our Metal Restoration Process

Here’s Our Metal Restoration Process
Step 1:
All rainwater tanks are disconnected and wastewater diversion is installed if required. Gutters are cleared out and any water sensitive areas are covered with tarpaulins.
Step 2:
On older nail fixed roofs, any loose or raised nails are removed and replaced with roof screws. For newer roofs, we check all fixings for corrosion and replace them if necessary. All flashings are checked and repaired if required.
Step 3:
The roof is thoroughly cleaned with high-pressure water to remove any contaminants and fungal growth. The gutters and downpipes are cleaned as well as any mess around the home.
Step 4:
Any corrosion is treated or removed and the roof is coated with Dulux Ultra-Etch primer to ensure the permanent adhesion of the top coats.
Step 5:
Your roof is sprayed with two coats of premium quality Dulux Acratex 962 membrane in the chosen colour. We have strict guidelines on roof temperature to ensure the coating drys evenly to produce a mirror finish.
Step 6:
Sit back and enjoy your revitalised roof, with the peace of mind of a ten-year warranty from Dulux and All City Roof Restorations.

Terracotta Roof Restoration

Terracotta roof tiles have an impressive natural colour variation and a level of durability unmatched by cement tiles. However, due to the increased difficulty in maintenance, they are often left to slowly degrade under a heavy layer of moss. All City Roof Restorations provide an unmatched level of experience in terracotta roofing, having successfully restored 100′s of them throughout Adelaide. You can have complete confidence in our ability to restore your clay tile roof to a better than new condition.   Before


This Is The Process We Use

We assess the roof inside and out to determine its condition, checking for signs of fretting, a condition which can be fatal for terracotta tiles. Whilst most roofs contain some fretting, it takes an experienced contractor to determine if it’s feasible to continue the repairs.
Once the roof is cleared for restoration, any broken tiles are replaced, tanks disconnected, and waste water from the cleaning process is diverted away from sensitive areas.
The roof is cleaned using high-pressure water from special rotating jets, which remove the harshest of fungus and moss without the need for any cleaning chemicals. Once the roof is cleaned the gutters and downpipes are cleared, and any mess around the property cleaned up.
Work then begins on the ridge capping and flashings, the ridges will be re-bedded or re-pointed based on their condition. For more detailed information on ridge capping work please visit the section of this website.
With the capping complete, the roof is rewashed to remove any construction debris and remaining moss. We offer the option of painting any flashings, valleys and fixtures on the roof to match the tile colour.
At this point the roof needs to be treated to prevent the regrowth of the moss and fungus, we offer two options for this.
Avryloc mould rid: mould rid is an anti-fungal solution designed to kill moss spores on contact. It is applied by a pump and sterilises the whole roof to prolong its cleanliness. Drywall p6: a more expensive solvent-based silicone preserver which seals the tiles without changing their appearance, preventing moss and fungus from adhering to the tiles keeping them spotless for years.
All terracotta restorations are covered by a ten-year warranty on products and workmanship.

Previously Restored Roofs

A previously restored roof can vary in its condition 1 the amount of paint that was originally applied 2 the amount of time the coating has been on your roof.
Cheaper and thinner paints tend not bot last long in the Australian sun and tend to break down (oxidise) more rapidly compared to a premium paint that is designed to last through even the harshest Australian elements.
Paint lifting and flaking away is not uncommon when the customer has had a tradesperson use cheaper paint!! If it you’ve never heard of or researched the paint brand its worth staying away from! If its DULUX  its worth doing.
All city roof restorations only use a brand that’s recognised worldwide as a premium paint for all roof applications Dulux 962 roof membrane.

Cleaning and Painting P/R Roofs

Pressure cleaning your roof once of moss/mould and the previous coatings doesn’t always remove the old coating the first clean.
Double cleaning your roof surface making sure that as much of the old paint is removed before we can start the painting process.
If any ridge cap repairs or tiles need to be replaced customer will be told /shown so as to make sure your roof will be leak free. (Please refer to ridge capping section)
Using a Dulux roof primer surfacer to leave a grey base coat for the Deluxe 962 roof membrane to bond to your roof ensuring years beautiful colour on your roof and having happy and not concerning yourself with doubt.
Dulux comes with a 10-year warranty on its product and All city roof restorations also warranty all our roof coatings with the same 10-year warranty.
 Here are some before and after previously restored roofs for you to view the difference.


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